Pest Control In Tasmania: What You Need To Know About Wasps


Many Tasmanians discover that wasps like to settle in and around homes and commercial buildings. Wasps are social insects that can gather in large numbers, and, if you have a big colony living in your home, you may also experience the nasty sting these insects can dish out. Learn more about the signs that you may have a wasp problem, and find out about the pest control steps you need to take.

20 May 2015

How Flies Threaten Human Health In Indigenous Australian Communities


Most Australians think that flies are a nuisance, but you can usually deal with the occasional unwanted buzzing visitor with a swat or an open window. For some Australian communities, flies are a much more serious problem, and some indigenous people face health problems because of these unpleasant creatures. Learn more about the effects flies can have on human health and find out what indigenous communities need to do to protect themselves.

6 February 2015