Abseiling Spiders and Arachnophobes: How to Keep Spiders from Falling on Your Face at Night


Most people don't mind the odd spider hanging around the house. After all, they do help keep bugs and flies to a minimum. However, some spiders, such as the white-tailed spider, are nocturnal hunters that roam in search of prey. On occasion, this can lead to an uncomfortable face-to-face meeting as a spider mistakenly lowers itself from the ceiling to the ground.

If, like around 55% of women and 18% of men in western society, you have an intense fear of spiders (arachnophobia), then seeing a spider dangling above your face while you lie in bed might result in many a sleepless night.

However, if your fear of spiders is keeping you awake at night, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your sleeping area is spider-proof.

Locate the Source

Ask a friend or family member to scour your house, starting with your bedroom. Examine floorboards for cracks and gaps if your carpet isn't completely nailed down. Have them peer into any ventilation shafts to identify webs or the presence of spiders. Also check that your windows and doors are sealed properly with weather stripping.

Should they locate possible entry points, have caulk, tape, weather stripping and fine wire mesh ready to seal vents, cracks in floorboards, windows and doors and any small holes that might allow spiders access from outside.

Hoover Ceilings, Windows and Vents Each Night

Spiders seek out warm, dark places when the weather becomes cooler. That means that on any given night during autumn or winter, you may have spiders attempting to gain access to your home. Hoover ceilings, corners, windows and under furniture thoroughly each night before you sleep to ensure that you fall asleep knowing that your room is spider-free.

Place a Mosquito Net over Your Bed at Night

Mosquito nets that cover the entirety of your sleeping area, sealing it off from the rest of the room, don't just keep mosquitoes at bay; they keep just about anything out—including spiders. Purchase one from a nearby furniture store or online and set one up around your bed so you can sleep soundly without having nightmares of abseiling spiders.

Combine these three tips, and you should be able to considerably lower the chances of spiders disturbing your sleeping area day or night.

By taking these precautions, you can minimize your contact with spiders. However, if you suspect that spiders may have taken up refuge from the cold in your ventilation system, walls, or under your floorboards, you may need a professional to eradicate the problem. While you could theoretically seal every crack and hole in your home, any spiders would still be in the vicinity.

A professional spider control service can come out to your home, conduct a survey of the area, locate and exterminate any spider infestations so that you no longer have to worry about seeing a flash of brown out of the corner of your eye. 


9 March 2017

Deterring Pests while Protecting Pets

Hello, my name is Mandi, and although I own a number of pets including my dog, two ferrets and a guinea pig, I am utterly afraid of all non-pet creatures in my house. I hold the guinea pigs as I watch TV, and I sleep with my dog, but the idea of a mouse running through the walls makes me incredibly uncomfortable and tense. Since pests are such a trigger issue for me, I have spent a lot of time researching them. I have learned how to get rid of them, but more importantly, how to get rid of them without bothering or putting my pets in danger. If you are trying to balance the wanted and the unwanted creatures in your home, I hope these posts help!