Why You Should Call a Pest Control Company: 3 Mistakes DIY Pest Control People Make


If your home has been affected by pests, you will no doubt want to do all you can to combat the problem. If you do not take action, it is likely that the problem will only get worse and more costly to fix. While many people like to think that they can deal with pests on their own, in reality, it is better left to a professional pest control service. The staff from a pest control service will have received special training and will have access to equipment which you do not have in your home.

21 December 2017

Cooking for Cockroaches: How to Identify German Cockroach Hiding Places Just By Cooking


Although there are around 450 species of cockroach in Australia, the worst of the bunch—by far—is the German cockroach. These nasty little critters breed at a frenetic pace, with females producing 1 egg purse, containing 30-50 eggs, every 6 weeks. In just over 100 days, those barely visible babes will blossom into fully grown, egg-producing adults. Because they are so adept at hiding out during the day, you may not notice that your kitchen is home to several cockroach colonies until their numbers have exploded out of control.

3 November 2017

Residential Pest Prevention: Guidelines on Avoiding Bedbugs When Travelling


If you are planning on travelling and staying in a hotel, you should be cautious about coming into contact with bedbugs. Bedbugs are often found in some hotels, motels and other accommodation spots. If you are exposed to these pests during your trip, you are likely to bring back the insects with you. These creatures will hitchhike on your clothes and suitcase. If the bedbugs end up in your home, you might experience an infestation, and extermination might be difficult.

24 October 2017

Termite Infestation: Protecting Your Wooden Deck with Smart Construction


Wooden decks will add value to your home and provide outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation. However, they also pose a significant problem in most residential properties. The timber used to build the structures tends to attract termites. Often, these pests will damage the decking and even find a way to the main house. Therefore, if you are planning to build a deck, you should take some precautions to ensure that your home is secure.

25 September 2017

Baiting the trap - 4 foods that mice can't resist


While mice are traditionally mad for a chunk of cheese in the movies, in practice that's not actually their favourite food. If you are looking to attract mice into your traps it's important to fill them with tasty food to lure the craftiest of mice in. Here are some easy options.  Peanut butter One of the most tasty foods for mice are nuts and grain. Unfortunately a canny mouse can sometimes dislodge a nut from a trap before it shuts on them.

6 September 2017

Pest Control Mistakes You Want to Avoid at Home


If you suspect that your home has a pest infestation of any sort, it's good to address this problem as quickly as possible, as infestations often get worse and more difficult to correct the longer you allow them to go on. It's also good to leave this work to a professional pest management service, as they can address the infestation properly and without harm to you, your children or your pets.

22 August 2017

Not a Very PC Mouse: Why Mice in Your Office Put Pregnant Members of Staff at Risk


Australia is currently being overrun by mice in what some farmers are calling the worst mouse plague since 2011. This doesn't bode well for offices and homes in the worst hit areas. Mice may look unimposing, but it is not their fangs you need worry about—it is the diseases that they carry. Pregnant women and their unborn babies are especially at risk of contracting several dangerous diseases that could cause birth defects.

19 July 2017