Selecting the best pest control service


As temperatures soar across the country, homes in Australia are seeing a rise in pest invasions. These pests include all sorts of dangerous insects, such as spiders, cockroaches and various species of termites. This situation can be frustrating, and it poses danger to inhabitants, so it must be put under control as soon as possible. Pest control services operate to effectively remove all types of insects and put in practices to prevent them from coming back.  

What are pest control services?

Pest control services provide qualified individuals with all the appropriate training to effectively manage pest invasions. These individuals have the appropriate safety equipment and tools to carry out their services.

It should be kept in mind that chemicals used in pest control can be extremely harmful, especially to children and household pets. Therefore it is important to clear the area for the duration of the extermination and hire trusted pest control services who clean up properly after using harmful substances.   

What strategy is used to control pests?

Many believe that pest control involves simply spraying chemicals to exterminate pests. However, this is not the case. In the modern era, prevention is the number-one strategy employed by pest control operators. These personnel will initially investigate the type of pest invasion and then employ practical prevention strategies to deal with the pest.  

This type of strategy to manage pests is known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Within this strategy, the pest control operator works with the homeowner to implement prevention strategies before deciding on extermination options. Chemicals to eradicate pests are only sprayed if the infestation gets out of control. Even under these circumstances, pest control operators strive to use the safest chemicals possible. Also, chemicals are not simply sprayed everywhere. They are only used in areas where the the pest is most likely to be present. To determine this, the pest control operator must be aware of the characteristics of different pests, along with their living habits. Additionally, in IPM natural enemies to a pest are used to manage infestations. 

Another important component of IPM is monitoring. Once a particular pest management strategy is implemented, the next step is closely monitoring the infestation to determine if the strategy is working or not.

Selecting a pest control service

When selecting a particular pest control service, it is important to speak to the operator and explain your issue clearly. Always discuss what kind of strategy and chemicals the operator will use prior to selecting a service.


16 January 2019

Deterring Pests while Protecting Pets

Hello, my name is Mandi, and although I own a number of pets including my dog, two ferrets and a guinea pig, I am utterly afraid of all non-pet creatures in my house. I hold the guinea pigs as I watch TV, and I sleep with my dog, but the idea of a mouse running through the walls makes me incredibly uncomfortable and tense. Since pests are such a trigger issue for me, I have spent a lot of time researching them. I have learned how to get rid of them, but more importantly, how to get rid of them without bothering or putting my pets in danger. If you are trying to balance the wanted and the unwanted creatures in your home, I hope these posts help!