4 Habits That Will Attract Spiders to Your Yard This Spring


Spring is a good time to get out into the yard to do some gardening and landscaping. Spring is also a good time for spiders. In fact, in Australia, spring and summer is the peak time for spider infestations. While working in your garden, you might encounter lots of spiders during spring. And some of your habits may even entice spiders to enter and nest in your yard or home.  

If the following habits bring spiders to your home this spring, you may need the services of a spider exterminator.

1. Keeping your garden wet 

Spiders go where there is moisture and food, like all living things. But one insect that spiders are fond of eating, the mosquito, also loves moisture, especially stagnant pools and puddles. If you have a mosquito problem around your home because of the moisture sources in your yard, spiders will gravitate to your property to take advantage of the food source on offer.  

2. Keeping fruit out

Another flying insect that spiders like to feast on is the fruit fly. These little flies can be annoying as they buzz around your fruit bowls in your home. But these little flies also attract spiders. If you keep fruit out this spring, be aware that the presence of fruit flies will likely bring spiders too.

3. Leaving pots and other items in the yard

Spiders like funnel webs and redbacks like to build their webs inside old pots, containers and boxes. Further, in a yard where food is plentiful, these vessels provide the perfect hiding and nesting spots. Don't keep items like this lying around in your yard or garage. They could end up housing a spider brood this coming spring.

4. Planting flowering bushes and plants around your home

Flowering bushes and plants bring flying insects in their droves. In turn, the abundance of insects brings spiders. Be aware of this if you plan to plant flowering plants in your yard this spring. Choose your planting locations carefully to stop spiders from bothering you and your family.

You can't stop spiders from entering your yard or home all the time. They'll always be somewhere nearby looking for food or water. But by eliminating the aforementioned habits, you can at least cut down on the number of spiders entering your yard and home.

If you have noticed an influx of spiders, especially the more dangerous ones like funnel web spiders and redback spiders, call a spider exterminator today. They'll eliminate the problem and ensure that the spiders don't return. Contact a spider extermination service for more information. 


27 May 2021

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